Méchant !

Friday 12th January from 10pm

Welcome to the dark lair of “Méchant” – a forbidden sound experience imagined by Sophie Frison. Far from conventional, this unleashed evening promises a deep dive into the abyss of punk, the coldness of new wave, the obsession of cold wave, the madness of post-punk, and the savagery of garage all come together for a sonic orgy from which you won’t emerge unscathed.

The electric atmosphere of “Méchant” will cast a spell under the hypnotic lights. Prepare to be shaken and transported into another universe where inhibitions don’t exist.

Let yourself be carried away by rhythms that defy all reason, where heartbeats resonate with rebellion. No dress code here, whether you’re decked out in black or simply dressed in your most defiant attitude, “Méchant” celebrates authenticity, chaos, and the freedom to be yourself.

So leave everyday monotony behind, enter the delicious chaos of “Méchant” and dance until the night itself bows to this bewitching atmosphere.

Surrender to the shadows, where the music is wild and the night is merciless.


Adresse : Café Maison du Peuple, 39 Parvis Saint-Gilles 1060 Bruxelles.