Every month, we offer you a great varied program of shows, DJ sets and live concerts!


Midnight Voodoo

Friday 01st March 2024 - 10pm

Midnight Voodoo brings together their record bags full of African drums, Indian sitars, oriental synthesizers and funky tunes from other horizons to meet eager dancers.

Soultastik Funk

Saturday 02nd March 2024 - 10pm

Soultastik Funk is a vinyl addict, crate diggers who will play the finest selection from the records collection, Motown Stax Philly and more. He did the warm up for Lee Fileds, Poets of Rythms, the Rebirth.


Friday 08th March 2024 - 10pm

With an energy all her own, Margo shares her festive, rhythmic musical influences, ranging from dark disco to electro, EBM, and sometimes even music you'd never suspect we'd be dancing to, day or night.

Echte Ra

Saturday 09th March 2024 - 10pm

Pépites musicales, raretés et plaisirs coupables mettront à rude épreuve vos oreilles et cerveaux… Le tout animé par Jonas.


Friday 15th March 2024 - 10pm

Charlick’s sets are a sweet cocktail of infectious rhythms and irresistible grooves.

Apologies Accepted

Saturday 16th March 2024 - 10pm

Bass focused music trip spacing through breaks, jungle grimes and dnb.

Blind Test

Tuesday 19th March 2024 - 7.30pm

Musical nuggets, rarities and guilty pleasures will put your ears and brains to the test... All hosted by Jonas.


Friday 22th March 2024 - 10pm

KELE! has created his own afro-futuristic universe. Don't miss his next gig as a DJ, where he'll spin a mix of Afrobeat, Pop, and Amapiano tracks. Get ready to dance to his infectious beats and experience a night full of positive energy!

Lee Beration

Saturday 23th December 2023 - 10pm

Expect Disco and Global grooves from back in the day mixed with electronic music’s soulful side.


Friday 29th December 2023 - 10pm

Brussels' Gelukwens has a heart for funky beats & catchy grooves. With a fresh selection he will spin Maison Du Peuple into a musical steam bath. Come dirty, leave clean!

Dave Russo

Saturday 30th December 2023 - 10pm

Expect a journey from deep soulfull funk and disco melodies beatmatched, blended and moulded into hardcore 4 to the floor house and techno styles for heavyweight dancefloorheat.