Friday 3rd January 2020 - 10pm

Leeberation remixes the world of music under an audible microscope, Afro rythms, Soul Asian and Brazilian beats stripped of their DNA and reconstructed to sound like today !


Saturday 4th January 2020 - 10pm

Masterful in his execution Mambele’s music can be described as smooth beats, originating from 70's and 80's disco funk and boogie, with a touch of hip hop.

Drache musicale

Friday 10th January 2020 - 10pm

Radio Panik meteo - An explosive mix with Tropical grave, african disco, bombastick, séga, gnawa, cumbia, kamba and zoukbass.

Peter Clinton w/ Defiji

Saturday 11th January 2020 - 10pm

Bolstering a bag of repertoire, Peter has released cosmospheric music continually delivering hits that push boundaries and define the modern hip hop/soul sound.

Beat Brother

Friday 17th January 2020 - 10pm

Beat Brother has an eye on all alternative music bringing a true meeting of styles to the audience.

Jota Jona – Radio Frappè

Saturday 18th January 2020 - 10pm

Jota Jona went on an adventurous trip to Cape Verde in April 2019 to get acquainted with the local music scene and meet up with the people that make it happen. He brought back plenty of excellent forgotten underground music. From Funana to trap, from Batuku to Cotxi Po, passing through 70’s Cape Verdean funk/disco gems, Jota Radio from Radio Frappè is gonna turn up the place into a space of exploration and mystery.

Rafael Aragon

Friday 24th January 2020 - 10pm

Rafael Aragon’s music is trance-inducing, powerful yet delicate, constantly changing and continuously breaking borders. Sweaty dancefloor stompers and soulful anthems with a magic touch inspired by forgotten traditions and ancient folklores from all around the world.

African Diplomat

Saturday 25th January 2020 - 10pm

African Diplomat is a selector from Ivroy Coast that gonna share some of his rare Dusty African Groove Collection.


Friday 31th January 2020 - 10pm

DJs Kriktonite and Macka Fat form Calacas. These brothers from another mother share the love for tropical vinyl records.
Be ready for a sultry trip through tropical Soundwave.