Saturday 1st October 2022 - 10pm

Resident hooligan at Radio Kapital, previously Bonnefooi’s curator, Huveshta Rituals label owner, Kreshik is also a hypnotizing producer, vocalist, and DJ whose main area of expertise leads you to a dreamy percussive journey.

Ivan Diaz

Friday 7th October 2022 - 10pm

Ivan Diaz is an American DJ and ambassador of rhythm & culture. As a DJ, He combines a mixture of Afro, Latin, Brazilian, and other global sounds to bring together the colours of a dance floor. This passion has taken him to 5 continents and countless cities.


Saturday 8th October 2022 - 10pm

Bringing an eclectic mix from Bebop to Britney is Brussels' Gelukwens. Playing regularly at Ancienne Belgique and Kiosk Radio he will turn Maison du Peuple into a musical steambath, filled with groovy sounds from 70's fusion jazz to 00's R&B and Hiphop.


Friday 14th October 2022 - 10pm

He lifts up his shoulders and says “I do what I do”. He makes you travel from hip hop over funk over … ‘till you don’t know where you are anymore. If you didn’t discover something new, his mission has failed.
He’ll put you in a def .. a Souldef !

Yaye Daro (Live 9pm)

Saturday 15th October 2022 - 10pm

Yaye Daro is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist that also produces, raps and sings. As a strong believer in the various powers of frequencies, it isn’t hard to figure out why he gravitated towards music at a very early age. He sees music as a language that everyone understands. In his debut album, Kintsugi, which is coming out in the beginning of 2023, he shares his journey of deconstructing himself, his behaviour, his relationships. He shares his stories and self reflections in a very vulnerable, soft, tender and honest way. His genre bending beats create the perfect spaces for his wide ranging soft voice to take us places we have never been.

808 Bantou

Saturday 15th October 2022 - 10pm

You can feel the influence of Sun Ra, he has released several Beat Tapes and remixes, he hosts a radio show called Quest For The Beat on Radio Panik. He is also behind the African Space Ancestral which is a party concept based in Brussels. It melts urban dance, music and good vibes with an African electronic touch. From Kwaito to House, from Amapiano to Soul or from Gqom to Bass, you will feel the envy to dance.

Maggie Tra

Friday 21th October 2022 - 10pm

A hint of sweet with a dash of spice, spell-bounding smooth selector/producer Maggie Tra uses the world as her playground. The Australian born Vietnamese/Cambodian sets bring finesse and flair to the dance-floor by embracing the culture of the land she's in with wholeness and conviction.

Spirite & Acid Lilies

Saturday 22th October 2022 - 10pm

Acid Lilies and Spirite can effortlessly b2b for hours, each track sparking a new exciting direction from their broad musical repertoires. They love to start with downtempo jams and slowly but surely work their way to bring the dancefloor to peak time bliss!

DiDi & RaqL

Friday 28th October 2022 - 10pm

DiDi : Didi is a brussels-based DJ and core member of Rebel Up, Festa Afro Tuga et Giraffes & Penguins. She is also a founding member of Tropical DJipsies, the crew she has been playing with since 2019. Tropical DJipsies is a collective of female DJs passionate about rhythms, bass and dance!

RaqL : RaqL is a Brussels based artist of Cape Verdean, Portuguese and Angolan origin, she specializes in tropical and electronic music from Portuguese and African communities around the world. Her sets are eclectic and energizing. She has played in several events in Brussels as well as at Kiosk Radio and Bruzz.


Saturday 29th October 2022 - 10pm

Stel R is a landmark in the Brussels scene having spun records everywhere in Belgium and Europe. A real music lover with widespread tastes ranging from Funk and Psychedelic, Organic Grooves to the deepest jazz…