Friday 6tht May 2022 - 10pm

Dj basée à Lille, activiste groove, créatrice de nombreuses soirées-mix lilloises depuis près de 20 ans, collectionneuse de vinyles, programmée sur des festivals de grooves métissés, créatrice du mouvement "WOMEN ARE FUNKY" visant à mettre en lumière les talents d'artistes féminines!

Le Grand Méchant Loop

Saturday 7th May 2022 - 10pm

“I make the little pigs dance rather than eat them!”. Founder of the Giraffes & Penguins global underground events, Le Grand Méchant Loop is always on the quest for lesser-known musical genres from the four corners of the globe. Combining tradition and modernity in his wild DJ sets, he will be your travel agent and cardio coach all at once !


Friday 13th May 2022 - 10pm

Bringing an eclectic mix from Bebop to Britney is Brussels' Gelukwens.
Playing regularly at Ancienne Belgique and Kiosk Radio he will turn Maison du Peuple into a musical steambath, filled with groovy sounds from 70's fusion jazz to 00's R&B and Hiphop.


Saturday 14th May 2022 - 10pm

XOGN musical culture swings somewhere between Brussels and Dakar. Dj-selector/party organizer/record dealer, he spent 10 years in Senegal. He run a music store, organized a monthly party and had radio shows there. Step by step, African music has become a real passion. Back in Belgium, he specialized in records sale, being dj regularly for African and Tropical parties. And he really enjoy mixing at Kiosk Radio every month!

Bona Léa

Friday 20th May 2022 - 10pm

Fierce, fiery and full of flavour, BONA LÉA was born to deliver mind-blowing experiences on the dancefloors within her sets. She instantly pricks the ears of her audiences with her eclectic selections and is always looking for unique sonorities. She effortlessly shows off her versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms with her unbothered attitude. Her musical influences range from Afro Rhythms, Percussions, Broken Rhythmics and Electric Bassy Sounds.

John Parm

Saturday 21th May 2022 - 10pm

Brussels based DJ and Producer influenced by his breakdancing background and by groovy music in general, John Parm's productions are tinged with Westcoast Hip-Hop, Boogie Funk, Modern Funk and sometimes with an house touch. After gaining experience under the name of Turtle Master for more than fifteen years with his collective Crab Boogie and as a DJ and beatmaker for the young french speaking rap scene (Caballero, Jeanjass, Lomepal…), he’s now focusing on his solo project defending the timelessness of the funk and its presence in the current music landscape.

DJ Insecure

Friday 27th May 2022 - 10pm

Dj insecure, also known as fahad seriki: a man of many musical traits. rapper, producer, radio host, and sound curator. the nigerian native thrives on percussion based music from all around the world. Constantly finding new parts of his musical identity through the brikabrak family, it’s his vehicle to express these parts while re-discovering the fun of a new musical quest.


Saturday 28th May 2022 - 10pm

DDVRKK (prononcé dark) vous fera danser sur les meilleurs sons groovy. Éclectique, elle passe du g-funk à la grime, en passant par la house avec une facilité déconcertante. Après s’être produite en première partie de Janelle Monae, Tommy Genesis, Princess Nokia ou encore Dawn Richard, c’est à la Maison du Peuple qu’elle viendra vous ambiancer.