SAUDADE EXPERIMENT (LIVE 10pm)Saudade Experiment develops a universe that's a bit out of the ordinary on the Belgian music scene. The right mix of groove, soul & jazz sounds linked by Junior Bokele's captivating voice. Revealed in 2018 with their debut EP "Flowers and Dust", Saudade Experiment has quickly captured attention in the Belgian music landscape with its atypical sounds.

DOUBLE DOUBLE (DJ SET)Double Double is the alias of Belgium-based Canadian DJs Melissa Juice and Spirite. Together they run a radio show of the same name on Radio Vacarme and perform energetic and surprising dj sets blending different shades of house and trance. Double Double, always sweet, always creamy, always double. Always.

ECHTE RA (DJ SET)Together, we want to provide a selection of highly danceable music and create a friendly and positive atmosphere on the dancefloor. From deep house to groovy tech beats we invite you to dance and sweat all night long. Be there!

Stella 25cl - 3€
Zinnebir 25cl - 3.6€
Blanche 25cl - 3.5€
Delta IPA 25cl - 4.2€

Iced Tea - 3.5€Homemade lemonade - 3.5€Still/Sparkling Water - 2.5€